The #Smile You’re On Camera Campaign seeks to inform the people about the disturbingly invasive surveillance practices that have been implemented by various United States government agencies, including the NSA. We believe that since surveillance is an issue that must be dealt with before the act rather than after, it is imperative that we maintain an informed public. For this reason, we believe that our website may act as a crucial tool in battling aggressive government surveillance. In order to raise awareness, we have a main page with the basic facts of surveillance outlined so that by simply visiting the main page, a person can learn the most important facts of U.S. surveillance and at least be informed about how invasive the current strategies really are. Furthermore, the leaders of this campaign maintain an active presence through their blog posts, in which they discuss their thoughts on related issues. Because a true democracy can only be achieved with freedom of speech and thought, we encourage followers to question and discuss these issues openly. The website also provides a list of links and websites that followers can visit in order to learn more information about the topic. Apart from a list of websites, we also provide a list of extensions that may help individuals protect their privacy while they engage in online activity. The hashtag #Smile You’re On Camera hopes to provide a great impact on social media sites through reaching people on their favorite social platforms. The hope is that by learning about these invasive practices, people will want to learn more about surveillance and become more educated on the topic.


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